Schwarzkopf Fibreplex

The amazing Schwarzkopf Professionals have done it again! Bringing to us the first bond enforcing system to protect hair from breakage during the lightening, lifting or colouring process.

SCHWARZKOPF FIBREPLEX is an amazing product that your stylist here at Alisha Anjaiya can expertly apply to minimise breakage up to 94%, giving you a healthy, smooth finish to your locks for longer.

Fibreplex has allowed our stylists to have the confidence to know that the quality of your hair won’t be compromised during the chemical process.

Fibreplex guarantees excellent hair quality after colouration with no perceivable colour shifts, no change in salon routine, no additional development time or higher developer needed. As the client, this means you have the same experience and salon time as usual but get the benefits of strong healthy hair long after colouring.


The cutting edge 3 step bond enforcing system

Step 1 – BOND BOOSTER – protects the hair From damage from the computation process. It interlinked with the hair fibres to enforce strong structural bonds.

Step 2 – BOND SEALER – seals the outer surface for long lasting strength suppleness and shine.

Step 3 – BOND MAINTAINER – helps maintain the significantly improved hair quality and protect against new mechanical damage at home.


Book your appointment now at Alisha Anjaiya Hair Salon Gold Coast and ask for your Schwarzkopf Fibreplex experience today.

You will notice the difference!