The ‘Lob’

If your not willing to go as short as a bob but still want a modern glam style, consider trying ‘The Lob‘…

A long version of a bob where the hair can sit just above or under the shoulder.

Schwarzkopf Fibreplex

The amazing Schwarzkopf Professionals have done it again! Bringing to us the first bond enforcing system to protect hair from breakage during the lightening, lifting or colouring process.

SCHWARZKOPF FIBREPLEX is an amazing product that your stylist here at Alisha Anjaiya can expertly apply to minimise breakage up to 94%, giving you a healthy, smooth finish to your locks for longer.

Effortless Tousled Messy Hair

We all know that “effortless chic” is not always so effortless. There’s a way to rock a beautiful messy look with confidence and without looking like you just got out of bed and forgot to do your hair.. This is a versatile look suitable for any occasion. Whether it be cruising around on your day off, a daytime date or a night out with the girls.