The ‘Lob’

If your not willing to go as short as a bob but still want a modern glam style, consider trying ‘The Lob‘…

A long version of a bob where the hair can sit just above or under the shoulder.

Best effective cut very blunt to give that chic stylish look. Amazing for a more fine Te tire hair to add thickness, or thick hair, weight can be taken out to achieve a more volume-less feel.

A perfect cut/style for wanting a change it still keeping a good amount of length.

As style is longer than a bob it allows for more styling ability… curl, crimp, plait, wave or straight and classy for that sharp look.

A massive trend for 2016 ‘The Lob‘ is a easy maintenance fashionable look for any age!

“If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything”